Return functional capacity and independence to consumers and to reduce health disparities for vulnerable populations. BHNC will implement goals and strategies by eliminating barriers to care through effective case management and compassionate support services. Our objectives are:

Company Goals

Our Goals

  • Implement an evidence-based practice
  • Further the advancement of education 
  • Lessen the burden of vulnerable populations 
  • To coordinate patient navigation services 
  • To collaborate somatic care
  • To promote the healthcare marketplace exchange and 
  • The reduction of health disparities


  • Partner with local and national advocacy agencies
  • Conduct epidemiological analysis
  • Coordinate somatic care and conduct monthly educational seminars with healthcare vendors
  • Collaborate with regulatory agencies to address compliance violations
  • Conduct community outreach and educational programs 
  • Connect consumers to "medical homes" and support services
  • Advocate integrated electronic medical record systems
  • Promote integrated care