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Thank you for your help and compassion.


With only a $20 donation BHNC is able to impact the lives of those that suffer from serious mental illnesses. I truly appreciate your passion for our mission and know that without your participation our success and growth would be challenging.  

Experts report that there is no cure for mental illness; but, with your help we are able to advocate civil rights on a national level and improve the lives of vulnerable populations.  Your willingness to forge ahead, by strengthening BHNC's vision--shows wisdom, courage, and foresight.  

Founded in 2012, BHNC is the first organization of its kind to establish a clearinghouse for resources and information to consumers, and the first to create a partnership between Core Service Agencies, Compliance agencies, Legislators, Wellness centers, individual practitioners, and Pastorial Care.  BHNC is able to contribute to vibrant lifestyles in our community. We are an organization with a strong board of directors, which includes a dedicated consumer governance alliance.  BHNC is in a unique place in history and we  appreciate your support.  


Our goals are lofty; however, we continue to advocate for support and integrated services for mentalhealth consumers everywhere by:

  • Partnering with local and national advocacy programs 
  • Promoting the need for an integrated electronic medical records system 
  • Coordinating somatic collorabation  
  • Partnering with regulatory agencies to address compliance violations
  • Sponsoring on-site empowerment classes
  • Advocating supportive mental health legislature 
  • Conducting educational seminars with the medical community 
  • Educating consumers regarding healthcare reform, insurance exhanges, and dental care management

Please join me in making a donation to the BHNC to ensure advocacy, resources, and awareness tosupport mental health throughout our country.  

Thank you in advance for partnering with us on behalf of mental health consumers.



Bernice D. Griffin,
Founder, President, & CEO